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Taste the difference: Natural, fresh & proudly Indian groceries from the  foot of Himalaya.
Experience superior quality groceries:

We don't compromise on quality at The Great Himalaya Food Company. We source 100% organic, handpicked ingredients, ensuring you always get the freshest, most nutritious food. Our raw makhana, Bhaderwah (Kashmir) rajma, the world's best turmeric with high-curcumin of more than 8%, and premium walnuts are just a few examples of our commitment to excellence.

Indulge in authentic flavours:

We celebrate India's rich heritage by bringing you diverse flavours from different regions. Each product offers a unique taste experience, transporting you to the heart of India


At The Great Himalaya Food Company, we believe in giving back to society. With every purchase you make, we donate a portion of the proceeds to help provide food to underprivileged!

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