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Raw Makhana, Foxnut, Walnut, and Bhaderwah Rajma | The Great Himalaya Food Company

The Great Himalaya Food Company is a pioneering enterprise dedicated to bringing the essence of the Himalayas straight to your plate. With our unique initiative, "From farm to fork, with love" we offer discerning consumers the opportunity to savour authentic, fresh, and organic farm produce at competitive prices.


Our mission revolves around rejuvenating India's ancient Sanskriti, emphasizing the pivotal role of the Himalayas, its rivers, glaciers, and basins in various facets of life, encompassing nutrition, healthcare, agriculture, commerce, and education. As we strive for India's rightful global standing, our focus remains steadfast on cultivating 'Satvik Ahar,' fostering divine harmony and exceptional nourishment, thus presenting our consumers with "The Food of Himalaya from the Foot of Himalaya."


Furthermore, our commitment extends to restoring prosperity to our invaluable farmers and rural households. Acknowledging the profound significance of agriculture in India's rich cultural heritage, our groundbreaking initiative, "Straight From The Farm To Fork, With Love" seeks to revolutionize the sector.

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