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  • FARM TO FORK- With love. The Great Himalaya Food Company’s Bhaderwah Kashmiri Rajma (Kidney Beans) are directly sourced from our contracted organic farm of Bhaderwah, Doda District, Jammu & Kashmir. Farms are Situated at the Higher altitude of Himalaya. (above 5600 ft)
  • G.I TAGGED PREMIUM QUALITY & LIMITED SOURCED: The Great Himalaya Food Company’s Bhaderwah Kashmiri Rajma (Kidney Beans) are processed & packed in a UNIT, which is HACCP certified. you can be assured of consistent delivery of premium quality.
  • RICH IN ANTI-OXIDANTS, HIGH PROTEIN & FIBER: Our Rajma are high in anti-oxidants which provides benefits, have high protein & Fiber content, that helps in weight reduction and better health
  • WHOLESOME FOOD, LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX, GLUTEN- FREE: Fast to cook, Easy to digest, premium Quality & Original Aroma of Jammu & Kashmir. A fantastic complement to vegan and vegetarian diets. Have a low glycemic index. Have a natural compound, kaempferol etc
  • MAINTAIN HEALTH: High in fiber & is great detoxifying agents. Consumption of Bhaderwah Rajma helps to maintain health benefits.

Everest Rajma | Rare & limited sourced from Bhaderwah

₹650.00 Regular Price
₹499.20Sale Price
900 Grams
    • Our Bhaderwah Kashmiri kidney beans are free of gluten and high in protein and minerals. Small farmers groups of Bhaderwah, Doda district of Jammu & Kashmir, India, harvest this product from high mountain farms that are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers.
    • The nutritional composition of Our Bhaderwah Kashmiri kidney beans includes the following: calcium, phosphorus, sodium, radish, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, fat, carbs, dietary fiber, etc. Everest Bhaderwah Kashmiri kidney beans are also high in protein and other nutritional content.
    • It is a naturally occurring food item that is assured to be fresh which tastes better, easy to cook and is easier to digest.
    • Carefully arranged within a vertical pouch and fully sealed to maintain fragrance and integrity.
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